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Yesterday, I joined Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo to discuss Trump’s immigration strategy, fundraising numbers, as well as, the candidates’ plans for growing the economy.  As I told Maria, Trump has proposed a pro-growth tax plan that works and he has promised to cut back on regulations whereas Clinton wants to redistribute income and give government more power. As we wrapped up, Maria brought up a recent KFC chicken sunscreen promotion and asked me if this kind of advertising, along with edgy ads like ours, is the way to reach people. I told her millennials are not watching TV so we need to reach them by building a viral component into marketing efforts. The segment is entitled: Fast-food marketing goes unconventional to attract Millennials.


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Early this morning, I joined Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Morgan Ortagus and others to talk about why it’s important for Trump to stay on message. As I explained, some in the press go after things Trump says to try and characterize him in the worst way. Trump should focus on the economy, the corruption of the Clintons and their foundation and their self-enrichment following 30 years of public service. During the wide-ranging segment, I also discussed how Trump’s economic plan will generate economic growth and reduce income inequality. Towards the end of the segment, Maria asked me about Trump’s love of fast food and whether it appeals to voters. I jokingly told her it would be more effective if Trump ate at Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s. The segment is entitled: Will Trump’s fast food diet win over voters?


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Yesterday afternoon, I joined CNBC’s “Closing Bell” co-anchor Bill Griffeth and Sarah Eisen to discuss the particulars of Trump’s economic plan, i.e. reducing regulations and simplifying the tax code. In response to a statement from Griffeth that the plan benefits the rich, I replied that Trump’s economic plan will benefit the middle and working class by creating good paying jobs, getting rid of wage stagnation and seeing income inequality reduced due to economic growth.  The segment is entitled: Trump’s plan will help middle and working class, CKE Restaurant CEO says.


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This past Saturday, I joined CNN Newsroom Weekend anchor Poppy Harlow ahead of the release of the economic plan Trump unveiled yesterday. During the interview, I took the opportunity to point out that Trump is focused on gearing the nation for economic growth by addressing tax, regulatory and energy reform and that Hillary is not. Harlow also asked me what I thought about Trump and Clinton’s minimum wage proposals which are $10 and $15 per hour, respectively. I told her that wages should not be raised to the point they kill jobs and that increasing the cost of labor dramatically leads to increased prices, hiring fewer people or automation. The segment is entitled: Trump to Unveil Economic Plan on Monday.


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This morning, Forbes ran an op-ed I wrote entitled, Understanding The Problem: Reducing Income Inequality Doesn’t Grow Our Economy, But Growth Would Reduce Inequality, in which I discuss how the last seven years of anemic growth have hurt working Americans. As I explain, “The lesson of the past seven years is that policies designed to reduce income inequality will not grow our economy. However, growing our economy would reduce income inequality.” In my piece, I make it clear that Hillary would continue the same failed policies, leading to the same failed economy Americans have endured under Obama. Americans deserve better than that.



While July’s jobs report is encouraging, the labor participation rate is not

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Last Friday, I joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney, former Governor Mike Huckabee and others during Varney and Co. to discuss July’s jobs numbers.  While Varney maintains that the report was solid (255,000 jobs were added), I pointed out that 225,000 individuals joined the employable population. I also told Varney that for the 28th month in a row, the labor participation rate has been at or under 63 percent. That is not encouraging at all. To give you some historical perspective, the rate hasn’t been that low since Carter was president. Varney and I wrapped up our discussion by talking about the negative impact Hillary’s economic plan would have on businesses. The segment is entitled: Was the jobs report solid in July?


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On Friday, I joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney during Varney and Co. to discuss topics ranging from the latest economic data, which shows the economy struggling; to Trump and Hillary’s proposed solutions for getting the economy back on track; to massive trade deficits and the importance of better deals for American workers; to a minimum wage proposal to be detailed in Trump’s upcoming economic policy plan. The segment is entitled: Puzder: Infrastructure is the least dangerous thing Clinton proposed.

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Dr. Arthur Laffer, a member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board for both of his two terms (1981-1989), has written a very informative paper in which he details why Trump will beat Hillary Clinton. Without going into too much detail, here’s something in Dr. Laffer’s own words that should peak your curiosity: “[E]ssential characteristics of the narrative for the Trump campaign and the Reagan campaign of 1980 are surprisingly similar, which would point to a Trump landslide.” To learn more, click here and download the free brief.



This week, I’m in Cleveland for the GOP Convention and I will be doing a number of interviews. Instead of doing a blog post for each one as we normally do, we’re just going to post the interviews and the corresponding hyperlinks each day from today until Thursday.  Thanks for taking the time to watch.
Monday, July 18

Fast-food CEO Puzder: The Trump economy beats Clinton

Jul. 18, 2016 – 2:44 – CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder argues Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate with a pro-growth approach to government policy.–/?#sp=show-clips

Trump’s econ plan vs. Hillary’s

Jul. 18, 2016 – 3:31 – Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder on why Donald Trump’s economic plan is better than Hillary Clinton’s.

Tuesday, July 19

CKE Restaurants CEO: Trump has pro-growth tax, energy plans

Jul. 19, 2016 – 4:21 – CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder, former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi and former Sen. Scott Brown, (R-MA), on the economic and energy plans of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, July 20

CNN: Supporters Tout Trump’s Economic Plan

CNBC – Closing Bell: Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, discusses his views on Donald Trump’s GOP presidential nomination.

Associated Press: Trump children woo donors and, campaign hopes, voters

Fox Business – Puzder: Government has taken power away from consumers

CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and what can be done to improve the economy.

Thursday, July 21

Fox Business: How investors would benefit more from a Trump administration

Jul. 21, 2016 – 2:51 – Trump Victory Cmte Presidential Trustee Andy Puzder on how investors will benefit more from a Trump administration.

The Hill: Inside the GOP’s exclusive donor hub

Friday, July 22

Bloomberg: Eight Reasons to Bankroll a Billionaire’s Campaign

Jeff Hunt, Andy Puzder, Steve Moore

Jeff Hunt, Andy Puzder, and Steve Moore

You can see the discussion by clicking here:

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to join Steve Moore, Jeff Hunt and Hugh Hewitt during the 2016 Western Conservative Summit’s Economic Panel in Colorado to discuss issues ranging from minimum wage increases to the importance of the upcoming election for our economy and our nation as a whole.  The summit is the signature event of the Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s public policy think tank which is devoted to faith, family, freedom, and the future. To view the entire segment, please click on this link: