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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria, co-anchor Dagen McDowell and WSJ Assistant editor James Freeman to talk about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s tax and energy plans; Trump’s fundraising and his ability to self-fund which Americans like; his possible need for political ads; and the impact minimum wage increases have had on those who need entry-level jobs the most.

I made it very clear to Maria that Trump has the better tax plan of the two candidates because it’s a pro-growth plan.  According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, Trump’s plan would generate 11% GDP growth over the next decade while Clinton’s plan would cause GDP to decline by 1% over the same period.  Clinton’s plan is a wealth distribution plan, not a pro-growth plan. I added that Clinton’s idea of growing the economy always involves more government, not less of it. We know that if businesses and entrepreneurs are to thrive, we need government to step aside and recognize that the private sector is best equipped to create good jobs and lasting prosperity for all Americans. The segment is entitled: Puzder: Clinton’s tax plan is really a wealth distribution plan.



Last RRL, Andy, 6.16.16Thursday, in a speech before men and women in uniform at the Ronald Reagan Library, I talked about our Stars for Heroes annual campaign which raises funds for our nation’s heroes and their families as well as the current Vatican exhibit we are cosponsoring to showcase the importance of faith in President Reagan’s life. Attendees included active members of the military and veterans, Carl Karcher family members, Carl’s Jr. franchisees, and actor Joe Mantegna, an Ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation which is now one of our campaign’s beneficiaries.

As I shared with the audience, America can only remain the “land of the free and the home of the brave” as long as we stand by the values that have made us unique, we support our military and we have and a commander-in-chief willing to lead it like President Reagan did. If you’d like to read more about the event, please check out this Splash Magazine article:


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On Saturday morning, I joined Fox News host David Asman to discuss the fact that only 38,000 jobs were created in May (100,000+ were expected). David asked me what I thought was behind the disappointingly low number and I told him that you can’t create jobs with a low GDP. I also told him that businesses are not being encouraged to create jobs. I pointed out that President Obama’s approach, which is favored by Hillary Clinton, relies on raising taxes and increasing regulation which ultimately hurts job creation. I concluded by explaining how dramatic minimum wage increases force small businesses like our franchises to mitigate high labor costs by reducing jobs, hiring more experienced employees and automating. The segment is entitled: Is now the time for Obama to talk about tax hikes?



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Last week, I joined Fox Business host Charles Payne on Cavuto’s Coast to Coast show to talk about how minimum wage increases are leading to automation. During the segment, I talked about a recent CBO report that looks at unemployment for men 18-34, comparing 1980 to 2014. The report shows the situation is worse today and looks at a number of factors including increases in means-tested welfare benefits that discourage work and minimum wage increases. Charles and I discussed possible exceptions to high minimum wage increases to ensure that young Americans don’t lose access to opportunities.  We also discussed the importance of negotiating better trade deals, as Donald Trump has called for on the campaign trail, which will benefit Americans. The segment is entitled: Could a minimum wage increase discourage workers?


I came across this piece today by economist Thomas Sowell entitled, Socialism for the Uninformed, and I highly recommend it. Sowell is a brilliant man and an excellent defender of individual liberty and economic freedom.  As he states in his opening paragraph: “Socialism sounds great. It has always sounded great. And it will probably always continue to sound great. It is only when you go beyond rhetoric, and start looking at hard facts, that socialism turns out to be a big disappointment, if not a disaster.”


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Yesterday, I joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. to discuss the impact of a $15 minimum wage on the food industry. We discussed the how dramatically increasing the minimum wage impacts the trend towards automation and how such wage increases hurt small business owners like franchisees more than big companies like ours. The segment is titled: Carl Jr.’s CEO on minimum wage debate.


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This past Friday, I had the opportunity to join CNBC Squawk Box anchors Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin as a guest host to discuss minimum wage increases, automation, presidential politics, and why a new administration is needed to turn the economy around. As I said during the show with regards to the increases, we need to look at the issue rationally—not politically and emotionally—in order to protect young working Americans. CNBC posted the excerpt that focuses on minimum wages increases which is available here: Need a ‘tiered minimum wage’: CEO.


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Earlier this week, Forbes published an op-ed I wrote regarding the Labor Department’s issuance of its new overtime rule which will require employers to pay overtime to salaried managers who earn less than $47,500 per year (double the previous threshold of $23,660). In my op-ed, I explain how the new rule will force employers “to offset increased labor expense by cutting cots elsewhere,” resulting in “reduced opportunities, bonuses, benefits, perks and promotions” for the very employees this rule was intended to help. The op-ed is entitled: The Harsh Reality Of Regulating Overtime Pay.


You can watch the ceremony by clicking on the following link but you can go directly to my speech, which starts at the 1 hour mark and lasts about 17 minutes, by dragging the time bar once video appears on your browser:

This past Saturday, I had the honor and privilege of addressing the CSU Class of 2016 and sharing some advice that I hope will benefit the students who will help shape our future in the coming years and decades. During my speech, I specifically asked the students to: Dream big, never fear failure, and to listen to others with whom they disagree. Today’s world can be a challenging place for young people, so it’s up to those of us who now have gained experience with the passing of time to provide guidance and perspective to tomorrow’s leaders so they, too, can achieve their God-given potential and dreams.


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This coming Saturday, I will deliver the commencement address at CSU and, as an alum of CSU, I’m looking forward to spending some time on campus with a wonderful group of students who will help shape our future.