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Recently, I joined Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria to talk about our latest ads and whether their edginess works; the general state of the economy and its impact on our sales; the $15 minimum wage increase in CA and what it means for businesses and entry-level workers; and CKE’s relocation to Nashville. The segment is entitled: Fast Food CEO: $15 minimum wage hike will hurt California.


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CNBC recently ran an article based on an interview I gave them entitled, 4 tips from burger titan Andy Puzder.   In  it, I covered some basics tips that have helped me over the past nearly 16 years.  If you’re thinking about starting a business, I hope they help you as well.


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Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed I wrote in which I discuss how government mandates like high minimum wages combined with consumer preferences have put restaurant automation on the menu: Why Restaurant Automation Is on the Menu.  I believe it’s important for people to understand that entry-level jobs are at risk and that increased costs are driving a transition to more automation.  If labor costs continue to go up, traditional full service restaurants may become a thing of the past as well as the entry-level positions that can lead to career opportunities.


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Andy addresses The Adam Smith Society

Last month, I had the opportunity to speak before The Adam Smith Society, an initiative of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, about the importance of free market capitalism, an economic system that has lifted more people out of poverty and  created more freedom and prosperity than any system ever devised.  It was a particular honor to speak before many friends and the many young men and women belonging to a society named for that system’s founding father. Please feel free to share it if you like.



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The topic of corporate tax inversions is a hot one and it is attracting the attention not only of presidential candidates but also lawmakers in DC who recently discussed the issue at a hearing.  At 35 percent, the U.S. corporate tax rate—the highest in the developed world—is having a very negative impact on job and economic growth here at home. The op-ed touches on why companies are pursuing tax inversions and, more importantly, why Congress needs to reform the corporate tax rate to keep companies and jobs in the U.S. The op-ed ran on The Hill and is entitled: Keep companies in America by reforming corporate tax.  I encourage you to share it with others.


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Yesterday, I joined FOX Business anchor Deirdre Bolton in a segment entitled, If anybody scares the financial markets, it’s Sanders, to talk about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who is drawing attention to Trump’s back taxes. As I explained to her, voters should be informed about whether there is an issue with Trump’s self-declared “beautiful” tax returns if he wants their support. It’s silly to leave an issue on the table—that could very well be a non-issue—for Democrats to exploit later on.

Deirdre also asked if the markets were having their second best day of the year because investors now have a clear idea about who the frontrunners are following Super Tuesday.  I told her it’s hard to judge markets based on how they perform in one day. One thing is clear, though, the markets reacted favorably to not having Bernie Sanders as the presumptive Democratic nominee.


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When I joined Neil Cavuto last night to discuss the Nevada Republican caucus election results, he asked me if “establishment Republicans” were willing to accept Donald Trump as the eventual nominee. While I told Neil that I would support Trump if he were the nominee, I also told him that I could vote for Rubio or Cruz. The bottom line is that any GOP hopeful would be better equipped to turn this country around than any Democrat. And, Trump’s values and beliefs are a lot closer to mine than those of Clinton or Sanders. The segment is titled: Andy Puzder: I’d support Trump if he were the nominee.


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This morning, Real Clear Politics posted on op-ed I wrote about how working class voters feel betrayed by establishment politicians as they find themselves caught between manufacturing jobs being sent to Mexico and China while illegal immigrants take the high paying jobs that remain.  It’s hard to convince these voters that free trade and inexcusably lax enforcement of our immigration laws work in their interests.  Donald Trump gets this and the other candidates need to if Republicans are going to win the general election.  Here’s the link: Why Trump Is Winning on Jobs and the Economy.


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Last Friday, I had the opportunity to join Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. to discuss a number of topics, including the race for the White House. During our discussion, Stuart asked me what I made of Bernie Sanders overtaking Hillary for the Democratic nomination and if I thought the country was becoming socialist. You can see my response by clicking on the segment titled: Business leaders concerned about Sanders lead among Democrats?


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On Fox Business Risk & Reward guest host Jo Ling Lent and I talked about Donald Trump’s poll numbers, his lead and recent comments that he made about wanting Apple to manufacture its products exclusively in the U.S.  If businesses are properly incentivized, they may well choose to keep jobs in the U.S.  However, this isn’t something a President could compel.  Currently, companies are forced to go elsewhere because overregulation and an outdated tax code make it harder for them to thrive here at home.  When making such comments, Mr. Trump is appealing to blue collar voters who feel that our government is coming at them in two ways.  First, by allowing good paying jobs to go overseas, particularly to China.  Second, by failing to prevent people who are here illegally from taking the jobs that are still here.  Any candidate who wants to garner support from these blue collar voters is going to have to address their economic concerns in a way that shows genuine empathy.  These voters don’t want to hear about GDP or labor participation.  They want to hear about jobs for themselves and their children. On another topic, we talked about the new $4 Real Deal available at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.  I think it’s the best deal out there.  To watch the segment, click on this link: CKE Restaurants CEO on the 2016 presidential race, new $4 menu.